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About-Palm Beach County Junk and Waste Removal

Junk removal may seem simple, but it is not easy when you notice all the junk you have to collect and how local services may not be as useful as you thought when picking your garbage. The heavy lifting and the labor involved in removing garbage and other unwanted items can be more difficult than you thought. Our team at Palm Beach County Junk and Waste Removal is available to assist you with every step and ensure you get every piece out of your property.

Our company was established in 1998. Since then, we have worked hard to assist all residential and commercial property and space owners who need to get rid of unwanted materials and trash from their spaces. We make sure that the waste is taken to the appropriate places and that any recyclable items are sent to the correct facilities.

We are experts in recycling and disposal, so you can be sure that you will get reliable customer service and a team that is concerned about the environment.

We are the best choice because we will put all of our efforts into your needs. We will assign enough team members to get to your property, so they can start getting everything done and clear out the space in no time.

You have two options: schedule a service or visit based on your requirements which can be for the same day you’re contacting us, or if you wish to reserve one of our trucks or multiple dumpsters, please contact us immediately. We will be happy to serve you based on our availability and your specific needs.

What Can Our Team Do for You?

We can also take care of your junk removal and rubbish or garbage disposal needs in terms of no matter the junk or garbage, we will be there.

Ask our team for details about any service we offer or contact us to let us know your needs. Some clients have questions about the differences between freezer and refrigerator junk removal or maybe about business junk removal and business cleanout. This is because they don’t know if one service will solve their problem or if there is an actual difference in the type of service.

We will guide you through the selection process and deliver the service. Our team has been serving Palm Beach and the surrounding areas for many years, and you bet we will be there to help you in Florida and all surrounding areas.

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We can help you with eco-friendly junk removal. Our team includes over 50 members who are experienced and knowledgeable, and we have over 60 services waiting for you.

Make sure to contact us via phone, email, or fill out our contact form with all the information you can give us so we can accommodate your needs and work around your budget as well based on the service you’re requesting.

Allow us to be the professionals and junk removal service you’ve been looking for and wishing for so you can finally deal with all the trash on your property.

Palm Beach County Junk and Waste Removal is the top company in Palm Beach that offers the best residential and commercial junk removal services. Here’s our additional services: